Revitalise Your User Experience with the Accelerated Service Catalog

Boost self-service adoption and drive efficiency with pre-packaged, customisable solutions

Accelerated Service Catalog (ASC) is a comprehensive collection of the most frequently used services for the BMC Helix DWPA Portal, designed to rapidly enable user communities. Developed over years of work with hundreds of customers across varied industries, this catalog encompasses our vast experience in defining customer-specific service catalogs and user journeys, all validated by Fusion's AI Talos.

Self-service adoption remains a challenge for many organisations, with contact channels being manual, dependent on humans, and error-prone due to a lack of automation. With only 16% of contacts automated using self-service, a significant 84% still require agent handling. By maximising self-service adoption, we can free up service desk capacity, empowering teams to focus on more innovative aspects of service.

Our approach

The ACS is key to driving self-service adoption. It's designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, personalised, and well-communicated by stakeholders. It contains over 100 most commonly used services and caters to different customer needs, serving as a building block for more complex customer requirements.

The catalog is a part of Fusion GBS's wider omni-channel adoption strategy, which includes service catalog, virtual agent adoption, knowledge management, and fulfilment automation.

Delivering business outcomes

  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Early adoption focus
  • Best practices standard request and catalog structure
  • Critical mass service catalog
  • Reduction in development time and costs
  • Swift creation of bandwidth for the service desk

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