Revitalise Your Healthcare Service Management

Enhance patient experiences, boost staff productivity, and ensure compliance

In a healthcare landscape where patient expectations are changing and new ecosystems are arising, Fusion GBS and BMC Software join forces to transform Service Management. We streamline and automate heritage processes, enhance both staff and patient experiences, consolidate fragmented services, and support cybersecurity initiatives, all while maintaining rigorous security and compliance.

Delivering outcomes

Our integrated solution offers numerous outcomes:

92% Reduction in time to onboard staff

Leading NHS Trust reduced locum onboarding from an average of 3 days down to 2 hours, representing a 92% reduction in time and significant cost savings.

98% Reduction in sensitive data held in tickets

Large NHS Trust used Fusion’s AI Talos to identify 85% of its service management tickets containing sensitive non-compliant data, which was then addressed by introducing strict control and staff training.

97% Reduction in time to fulfil e-medication requests

Three NHS trusts have reduced their e-medication requests, taking on average 2 days to handle, down to 30 minutes.

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