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In today's business landscape, the role of service management is expanding beyond traditional IT realms. As demands for seamless digital interactions soar, organisations must adapt by enabling efficient, automated workflows across all business units, including HR, Customer Service, Project & Portfolio Management, Finance, and Facilities.

Fusion GBS's data-driven approach, incorporating BMC Helix ITSM's platform, is designed to not only meet these evolving needs, but to exceed them. We focus on unifying disparate business functions, automating routine tasks, and facilitating end-to-end business workflows. This approach not only streamlines operations but also boosts productivity and enhances the customer and employee experience. Our solution is about transformation - transforming service management, transforming experiences, and ultimately, transforming your business for the better.

Our Accelerators

Our unique approach to helping businesses transform their operations is through a combination of three accelerators: data-led insights, market-leading technologies, and outcomes methodologies.

  • Data-led Insights
  • Market-Leading Technologies
  • Outcomes Methodologies

Supported initiatives

  • Streamlining cross-departmental processes for operational efficiency
  • Automating routine tasks and facilitating end-to-end business workflows
  • Enhancing collaboration and productivity across diverse functions
  • Transforming the service management landscape to improve customer and employee experiences

Delivering business outcomes

  • Faster resolution of customers’ needs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and enhanced employee experience
  • Lower operational costs and increased productivity
  • Improved operational efficiency and streamlined business processes

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